Turns Out Lance Really Isn't a Nice Guy

Turns Out Lance Really Isn't a Nice Guy

In 2005, right after publishing his soon-to-be bestseller, Lance Armstrong’s War, journalist Daniel Coyle was asked, “What’s our biggest misconception about Lance Armstrong?”


Coyle, who had spent more than a year shadowing Armstrong, gave a curious reply: “That he’s a nice guy,” he answered. At the time, this was shocking: Armstrong was regarded as nothing less than a secular saint, a champion and philanthropist who had inspired cancer survivors around the world. He was one of the most beloved athletes in America. Of course he was a nice guy.


In last night’s much-hyped interview with Oprah, the world finally got to see what Coyle was talking about. Sure, he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France. But we already knew that. The admission was only a small part of the story, and Oprah dispatched it with her first few questions. (The answers to all of which were “Yes.”) Then things got raw.

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