Young Loves Kaepernick's Versatility

Young Loves Kaepernick's Versatility

The 49ers' original running quarterback watched Colin Kaepernick sprint downfield for 181 yards on Saturday night and felt a peculiar emotion.


"Yes!" said Steve Young. "Where was this when I was playing the Washington Redskins?"

"This" is the read-option, run out of the pistol or some other formation. It wasn't a tool that Young had available to him, not when he came into the league with Tampa Bay and not when he made his playoff debut as the 49ers' starter against the Redskins in January of 1993.

Back in Young's day, you were either a running quarterback or a throwing quarterback. He was one of the very few who eventually made the transition to the point of being extremely dangerous on both fronts.

Kaepernick resists being labeled. When asked in the immediate wake of his amazing night against Green Bay whether he considers himself a runner or a thrower, he said, "I don't want to be categorized."



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