Kaepernick Delivers for 49ers Again

Kaepernick Delivers for 49ers Again

ATLANTA -- So what does Colin Kaepernick do now?

He wins the Super Bowl in two weeks, then maybe another, then maybe another two or three.

That's what Kaepernick does and who he is now.

Really, there is no escaping the magnitude of this -- anything less than a title (or three) would be much too small.

Anything less than a ring -- and probably a Super Bowl MVP trophy -- would be unworthy of the Kaepernick legend and the bold genius of Jim Harbaugh's commitment to him.

"He just played great -- he played great," Harbaugh gushed about Kaepernick's performance in the 49ers' rousing, historic comeback 28-24 victory over Atlanta in the NFC Championship game on Sunday.

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