Pats Come Up Empty in Another Super Quest

Pats Come Up Empty in Another Super Quest

FOXBORO — The quest for a fourth Super Bowl has again been put on hold. The chance for Tom Brady to match Joe Montana’s ring count in harmonious fashion against the 49ers wasn’t to be.

For just the second time in the Patriots’ seven trips to the AFC Championship under Bill Belichick, they walked off the field in defeat. The Ravens used a dominant second half to eliminate the Pats, 28-13, yesterday at Gillette Stadium. As a result, Ray Lewis’ career will last one more game, and John Harbaugh’s Ravens will battle Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3 in New Orleans.

The Patriots just didn’t have it, the loss filled with harrowing missed tackles, empty possessions in scoring territory and two Wes Welker drops on third down. The Patriots invaded Ravens territory nine times but hardly finished the job with one touchdown, two field goals, two interceptions, one turnover on downs and three punts.

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