Still Not Buying the Te'o Story

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I still don't believe Te'o was an unknowing, innocent victim -- not as late as December, anyway. Here's what I wrote Wednesday night, after Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick emotionally defended Te'o. I made it clear I didn't believe the Notre Dame version, but I never came out and said exactly what version I did believe.

So here's what I think. And it's pretty much what I've always thought -- before Te'o spoke to ESPN, and now that he has.

I think Te'o fell for a woman he met online, a woman he knew as Lennay Kekua. I think when this whole thing began three years ago, he was the gullible victim of a cruel hoax.

I think Te'o figured it out well before December. That's not what he told Swarbrick, but I don't feel badly about calling Te'o a...

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