The 'Har-Bowl' Comes to Pass

The 'Har-Bowl' Comes to Pass

Evidently Jim Harbaugh was a very very VERY good lad in an earlier incarnation, because he seems always to get exactly what he wants.

Oh, he surely wanted the San Francisco 49ers to win Sunday because, well, they are his team. That done, he expressed a fervent wish that the Baltimore Ravens do as well, including a hearty, “Go Ravens!” in his press conference following the 49ers’ 28-24 victory over Atlanta in the NFL Championship Game.

And so it came to pass. Of course it came to pass. Baltimore did indeed go, beating New England in Foxborough, 28-13, setting up two weeks of ceaseless yap about the brand new Harbaugh Coaching Tree, the one with one trunk and two branches.

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