ACC Basketball Finds Great Equalizers

ACC Basketball Finds Great Equalizers

Coach Roy Williams returned to his alma mater 10 years ago, seeking to restore a struggling North Carolina program to its former glory. Since then, he has seen three national champions come from the ACC — two of them Tar Heel teams — six Final Four appearances by ACC members and 12 coaching changes.

But this season the conference just might be the most balanced since he returned.

“There’s going to be some disparity, because teams like Duke or North Carolina State, so highly ranked nationally, they’re going to win most of their games and somebody’s going to lose those,” Williams said during Monday’s ACC coaches teleconference. “I do think, top to bottom, the league is probably the best in the 10 years I’ve been back. If you take somebody lightly in this league right now, you’re going to lose. I don’t care who you are or who you’re playing."

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