Big Upsides Among 8 NFL Coaching Hires

Big Upsides Among 8 NFL Coaching Hires

We can say this about the recent NFL coaching cycle, which concluded with eight teams finding new leaders: It was not boring.

Chip Kelly’s flirtation with Oregon and the NFL captivated most people’s attention, but there also was a CFL-to-NFL jump (Marc Trestman), a surprise hire from the college ranks (Doug Marrone) and the move of a recently-fired coach to a new franchise (Andy Reid).

All that on top of several intriguing hires from the league’s coordinator pool (Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Gus Bradley and Rob Chudzinski).

Unlike in past seasons, none of the hires feel like disasters waiting to happen, either, even if some come with more question marks than others. Each new head coach has a very clear selling point — most relating to the offensive side of the football.

So, which teams made the best decisions?

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