Flacco May Be Goofy, But Now He's Super, Too

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Even in victory, God bless him, Joe Flacco—new N.F.L. record-holder for most road playoff wins by a quarterback—is still Joe Flacco, big-armed oaf. After the Baltimore Ravens’ victory in the A.F.C Championship Game on Sunday night, as his teammates celebrated in the visitors’ locker room, Flacco stood, tall, gawky, and nearly expressionless—like Mike Teavee after Willy Wonka got done with him—watching Ray Lewis do his full-on thing (“Wow. Words, man...”) for the benefit of CBS’s cameras. When Lewis finished, CBS’s Jim Nantz turned to Flacco, and asked him about the win. Some players, having just won the biggest game of their careers, might follow a speech by one of the more electrifying leaders in the N.F.L. by rising to the occasion. But Flacco, he just said,...

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