NBA Unleashes Sonic Boom in Seattle

Elaine Thompson/AP

Pinch me. Go ahead. Smack me upside the head and remind me this is real. This isn't another one of those dreams where I'm walking into KeyArena and the Sonics and Oklahoma City Thunder are gathering for the opening tip.

Tell me this isn't the moment in that dream where the ball is tossed in the air, the lights go out and when they come back on, the arena is empty and the teams are gone and it's just me and Howard Schultz sitting courtside and wondering what went wrong.

No this isn't a dream. And it isn't another one of those here-come-the-Kings teases.

This time the deal is done. The Sonics are coming back in the form of the Sacramento Kings. After a couple of weeks worth of hemming and hawing the Maloofs have come to their senses and sold their franchise...

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