Shame on Notre Dame for Not Protecting Te'o

Shame on Notre Dame for Not Protecting Te'o

If Manti Te’o is everything that Notre Dame says he is, everything that led athletic director Jack Swarbrick to tears in describing him as a trusting soul who will never trust the same way again, then Te’o deserved more.

He deserved more from Notre Dame. School officials went right into crisis management mode, but acted as if the crisis were Notre Dame’s, not Te’o’s. The university acted less interested in its troubled student than in its own image, its bloated semi-fictional legends and its national championship game.


What did Notre Dame officials do? They kicked the can down the road for a while until it wasn’t their problem anymore. They were one game short of a fairy tale season after all.


Notre Dame wanted to protect its fairy tales. It needed to protect Manti Te’o, not Rudy and the Gipper. It gave him bad advice because everyone was prioritizing the BCS Championship Game more than the player most responsible for getting the Irish there, the player who came to them with a problem.


His problem, not theirs.

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