Bypassed Elsewhere, Caldwell Fits With Ravens

Bypassed Elsewhere, Caldwell Fits With Ravens

Six days before departing to the site of the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens took the “interim” tag off of Jim Caldwell’s offensive coordinator title. Not unexpected or even worth debating, since Caldwell’s play-calling in their three playoff games is a huge reason the Ravens are making plans for New Orleans instead of vacation.

There is still unfinished business involving Caldwell for the Ravens to address, though. Their next move should be to vote Super Bowl shares to the eight franchises who made it possible for Caldwell to return to Baltimore next season—and for them to be in the Super Bowl at all now.

Just a little thank-you present for the Eagles, Browns, Jaguars, Cardinals, Bears, Chiefs, Chargers and Bills. If not for them combining to completely whiff on the goals of the NFL’s Rooney Rule governing minority coaching hires, Caldwell wouldn’t be available to the Ravens.

Oh, maybe he might be. But these franchises made sure he wouldn’t. Caldwell didn't get a single interview for a head-coaching job.

The NFL’s loss is the Ravens’ gain.

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