Coach Accused, But Missouri Taking the Hit

Coach Accused, But Missouri Taking the Hit

The first game of the rest of Frank Haith’s coaching career was ugly. Coyote ugly. Brick after brick, a talented Missouri basketball team struggling to win a home game it should’ve breezed through, the injured star Laurence Bowers stuck in shirt-and-tie, clapping his hardest.

And, really, a too-close 71-65 win over South Carolina is the least of the Tigers’ concerns.

“My attorneys have not received a letter of any allegations,” Haith said, and that’s a sentence every coach would rather not have to say in a postgame news conference.

Haith has gone from national Coach of the Year awards to his profession’s endangered species list after a report that indicates he will face serious NCAA charges from a scandal at his previous job in Miami, and it raises more questions than anyone can answer at the moment.

But while most are focusing on the obvious questions — Will MU fire Haith? Should MU fire him? — the most important ones are largely ignored.

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