Signing Young Latest Phillies' Folly

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So let’s say you’re the assistant GM of a big league team that won the World Series five years ago. They threw the team a parade, bid your boss a fond farewell into retirement and handed you the keys to the kingdom. You had one of the best young aces in the game, a strong lineup in its prime and the whole of baseball stretched out before you.

Since then you’ve locked a great power-hitting first baseman into Top-5-in-baseball money through his late 30s and watched his ability to hit lefties, field and stay healthy fall off the face of the Earth; you’ve paid hand over fist in dollars, prospects, or contract years for guys like Danys Baez, Placido Polanco, Hunter Pence and a declining Jimmy Rollins; you watched what Michael Young did in Texas last year and thought not only...

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