When S.F.-Baltimore Was 49ers-Colts


From 1953 through 1969, the 49ers and Colts played twice a year, one in each neighborhood. No team provided more thrills in those days than San Francisco, with its quarterback procession of Frankie Albert to Y.A. Tittle to Brodie. Tittle threw his first "Alley-Oop" pass to R.C. Owens against the Rams at Kezar in 1957, and head coach Red Hickey unveiled the shotgun offense there in 1960. There were storied wide receivers in Gordy Soltau and Billy Wilson, with the likes of Leo Nomellini and Bob St. Clair in the trenches.

The Colts of the late '50s and early '60s were every bit as colorful. Unitas, perhaps the greatest quarterback of all, was a ninth-round draft pick who was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers and was working a $125-a-week construction job, playing semipro...

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