As Favor to Selves, Harbaughs Should Stay Home

As Favor to Selves, Harbaughs Should Stay Home

Jack Harbaugh should have suspected the grander scope of his new public life when the satirical web site The Onion did a story about him rooting for Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl and that Bill Belichick was by far the best coach in football. Two days before the AFC Championship.


And let’s face it. When The Onion comes calling to borrow your name, you’re a big deal. Unless, of course, your name is “Area Man.”

But as the family did their national conference call today (bend that around your head a moment), there was a piece of me that hoped they would say, “You know, I think we’ll just watch the game at home.”

Home is Mequon, Wisconsin, a long way in almost every conceivable category from New Orleans. Home is where the snacks and bevvies are plentiful and not expensive, where there are no crowds or cameras or reporters demand their up-to-the-minute thoughts on David Akers lining up from the 43-yard-line for this important kick.


You know, where they can enjoy the game as a family would. That would be so very Harbaughtastic.

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