It's Definitely Not Showtime in Los Angeles

It's Definitely Not Showtime in Los Angeles

Kobe Bryant said things aren't working and it's time for a change.


Coach Mike D'Antoni decided the Lakers didn't need to practice Tuesday.


Dear Phil…

The dysfunctional Lakers stayed overnight after Monday's loss in Chicago, because who wants to get to Memphis sooner rather than later?


After a good night's sleep, they took a midmorning flight to Memphis, which still allowed the Lakers all afternoon to work on what makes them so lousy.


But apparently D'Antoni thinks the Lakers are hopeless, as so many of you do.


And yet if the star player, who has been on his best behavior so far, suggests it's time for changes — and who out there disagrees? — why not change plans?


Why not try something different?


But if there has been one stubborn constant beyond the Lakers' losing this season, it's D'Antoni's reluctance to work overtime to correct things.

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