Kelly Has Vermeil's Vote of Confidence

Kelly Has Vermeil's Vote of Confidence

By accepting the head coaching position with the Philadelphia Eagles last week, Chip Kelly also welcomed the rigors of running the preeminent team in one of the country's toughest sports cities -- the same place that infamously booed and threw snow at Santa.


All the talk about Kelly is whether he'll keep Michael Vick, and perhaps more importantly if he can apply the spread offense he so successfully ran at Oregon in the NFL. But one of the previous generation's best football minds doesn't seem too worried.


Dick Vermeil, who made the same jump from the Pac-10/12 to the NFL when he left UCLA for Philadelphia in 1976, says he is confident that Kelly will be just fine. They spoke on the phone last week, and Vermeil, who took the Eagles to the Super Bowl in his fifth season, gave Kelly some advice.


"To me, coaching is coaching, leading is leading, and from what I have been told, he's a great leader, he's a great communicator, he's a great teacher," Vermeil says. "All those concepts are completely important in the National Football League, if not more. Yes, he'll have to make some adjustments. The big thing is surrounding yourself with people who can help you be as good as you can be as a coach, and surround yourself with knowledgeable people, experienced people, and then go with it."

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