Miami Debacle Shakes NCAA to Its Core

Miami Debacle Shakes NCAA to Its Core

The Miami case is now tainted beyond reason. We know that now. Mistrial. Throw it out, NCAA. Move on, NCAA. You've lost face -- and perhaps the credibility to ever investigate anyone again.

Now the overarching question after Wednesday's staggering news of NCAA impropriety in the Miami case becomes: Is the enforcement process, as we know it, done? Dead? Kaput?

Is it time to outsource the most controversial department of a highly controversial non-profit, tax-exempt -- though extremely powerful -- giant?

The answer would seem to scream, yes. The NCAA paid for the services of Nevin Shapiro attorney Maria Elena Perez to conduct depositions in a federal bankruptcy case in order to get evidence of NCAA violations, a source told That's not only improper, it's possibly illegal.

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