Mickelson Lambasted - for His Success

Mickelson Lambasted - for His Success

Welcome to the culture war: Entrepreneurial America versus its opponents. One side understands what causes the creation of prosperity, jobs and wealth; the other doesn’t. Each of us is in one camp or the other, but most don’t know or bother to think about it. Professional golfer Phil Mickelson was probably one such person.

This week he found out the price for discovering which side he’s on.

He has never revealed a strong bias in politics. The second-highest money earner in PGA history, his combined prizes and endorsements in 2011 reportedly paid him $62 million. Yet despite allegations that he was playing politics when discussingdrastic changes in his life in the face of tax hikes, a federal campaign finance search on his last name in his home state (CA) reveals not a single donation to any candidate or cause for his entire professional career (dating back to 1992.)

Absent political motives, we must assume that he gave a truthful account of his business worries, not realizing the offense that would be taken by the enemies of Entrepreneurial America.

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