NCAA Drowning in Its Own Incompetence

NCAA Drowning in Its Own Incompetence

f you think President Barack Obama didn’t deliver on the promises for his first term in the White House, just take a look at NCAA president Mark Emmert’s record since he started his job in November 2011.

Emmert entered office making it very clear that his No. 1 priority was cracking down on NCAA violators. He told the Associated Press four months into the job, “We need to make sure our penalty structure and enforcement process imposes a thoughtful level of concern, and that the cost of violating the rules costs more than not violating them.” He went on to wax poetic about making the enforcement process more transparent and adding more personnel to the NCAA’s police force.

I’ve already hammered the NCAA and Emmert multiple times for the way they have handled – er, mishandled – the Nevin Shapiro scandal at Miami (FL) and the Willie Lyles scandal at Oregon.

But the NCAA hit a new low on Wednesday in admitting it botched the Shapiro investigation by paying his own defense attorney to improperly obtain information for the NCAA’s case by conducting depositions in a federal bankruptcy case. As’s Dennis Dodd put it, “That’s not only improper, it’s possibly illegal.”

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