Pride of Ownership Not So Obvious Anymore


You are probably not appreciated enough at your work. I don't know you, probably, and so I don't know what you do or how well you do it, but it's likely that you are underappreciated in the doing of it. This is not your fault or anyone else at your work's fault so much as it is just the way it goes -- we do what we do in the silos in which we do it, and as such are generally too busy to notice the work being done by the person to the left, or the right, or in the mailroom or the C-suite or wherever. We don't necessarily all do our best, but we all do what we must, and trust others to do the same. What that sense of socially reinforced responsibility wrings out of us is, in a practical sense, the invisible hand that matters most in maintaining an economy and society that works. Some...

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