49ers Will Have It All Over Ravens

49ers Will Have It All Over Ravens

SANTA CLARA -- Boil out the flimsiest, fuzziest story lines and this Super Bowl is supremely easy to summarize in less than 25 words.

The 49ers are a little better at the best things the Ravens do and a lot better at the things the Ravens do worst.

There you have it. Simple, crisp, lean, complete . . . and almost nothing like any of the food I plan to consume in the French Quarter next week.

OK, a little more: The 49ers have the more dynamic quarterback, the more varied offense and the stronger, younger defense, which are all the tangible pieces that mark a team as an eventual Super Bowl champion.

They will win this game, and let's just go ahead and predict the score: 49ers 27, Baltimore 17.

Naturally, a million other angles should and will be explored and debate in the next few days and then amid the New Orleans media swarm next week.

Many of the strangest angles will probably be explored by me, I admit.

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