Give White Credit for Prioritizing Health

Give White Credit for Prioritizing Health

It appears this phase of the Royce White saga is nearing an end.


One wonders if the Rockets and their rookie forward will ever determine a way for him to #bewell, which is the occasionally mocking though usually reassuring hashtag that accompanies so many of his Twitter posts. And if so, for how long?



We're halfway through a six-month season and the two parties still haven't agreed to protocols that White, who suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, feels are necessary for his continued health.


White and the team are close to reaching an agreement in which he would join the team's D-League affiliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, in February. (The team suspended him Jan. 6 for withholding services.)


Maintaining a position that is virtually impossible to criticize, White has said many times that he is not willing to risk his health to be an NBA player.



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