Jigsaw Man Solves Struggling Teams' Puzzles

Jigsaw Man Solves Struggling Teams' Puzzles

You can feel it fast approaching. It's not over the horizon anymore, not far off in the distance. Rather, it's just around that bend up ahead, a few paces away.

The stretch run.

It's coming all right. The finish line to the 2012-13 college basketball season is almost in sight. Except your team isn't ready for the mad dash. It's close. It's real close. But it's not ready. That's because it is still one piece away from being a complete picture. Problem is, that piece is nowhere to be found. Not by you, anyway. So who can you call?

The Jigsaw Man, that's who.

That's right, the Jigsaw Man is back to work his benevolent magic. He has been scouring the country looking for missing pieces that will transform good teams into great ones. Today, he is ready to produce his findings for 10 very lucky teams.

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