Murray Disrespects Federer on Way to Final

Murray Disrespects Federer on Way to Final

FORGET the result for a minute.


The greatest example of how things have changed in men's tennis over the past six months was evident about 40 minutes before Andy Murray pumped his fist to claim last night's epic semi-final.


It came when Murray was actually serving for the match at 6-5 and 15-0 up in the fourth set.


He did something that no one would have even contemplated before.


He disrespected Roger Federer.


Murray smirked at the game's greatest player after he'd driven a ball down the line past him.


The match already had more edge to it than any we'd seen in recent times and the pout had a message attached: you don't intimidate me anymore.


Federer welcomed it with a tirade of Swiss abuse as he looked directly back at his opponent.


It was a bad idea by Murray to needle the champion.

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