QB Vulnerability Makes Read-Option Risky

Yahoo! Sports

Has the game of football passed by Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning? As a traditional pocket passer in a league where the read-option offense is all the rage, is Manning the last of the dinosaurs?

"People have been saying for seven or eight years now that the drop-back quarterback is a thing of the past and the mobile quarterback is the future," said Manning, preparing to crack a joke at his own expense. "And I've always thought to myself: 'Well, this isn't good. I'm going to be out of a job.' "

In a brave, new world where stale technology is as worthless as the eight-track player in your grand- father's Oldsmobile, the Broncos gave big money to a 36-year-old quarterback with a creaky neck, after Indianapolis sent Manning to the scrap heap.

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