Ravens GM Newsome Never Broke a Sweat

Ravens GM Newsome Never Broke a Sweat

When almost everyone else thought the team was coming apart, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome thought his team was coming together.


It's hard to see a turnaround when a team fires its offensive coordinator during a losing streak late in the season, but Newsome didn't blink after the 34-17 loss to Denver on Dec. 16th, the team's third straight.


"I think there were two turning points in the season," Newsome said. "In the Denver game, we were just starting to get healthy again for the first time. I know the score didn't show it, but that one play at the end of the half was a 14-point swing and we didn't recover."The second was when [coach John Harbaugh] turned the offense over to [new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell] and [quarterback Joe Flacco] and put everything on them. When we hired Jim during the offseason I thought that anytime you can bring class and wisdom into an organization, it will be very beneficial. His ability to communicate with players and coaches is outstanding. There are no gray areas for the players with Jim."

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