Solo Satisfied and Hope(ing) for Stability

Solo Satisfied and Hope(ing) for Stability

The goalkeeper for Reign FC, a new women's pro soccer team, was holding a news conference Thursday not on a playing field after a practice but in a downtown Seattle office, the first sign this was an unusual event.


The fact there were as many personal questions asked as soccer-related was another clue.


Such is life for Hope Solo.


The international spotlight has closely followed the Richland native everywhere — from winning Olympic gold medals to controversies all of kinds and, finally, back to her home state, where she will serve as the face of Seattle's team in the recently formed National Women's Soccer League.


Solo, looking confident and comfortable, reflected on a roller coaster 2012 in her first interview with local reporters since her husband, former Washington football star Jerramy Stevens, was arrested the day before their November wedding (charges were never filed).


"It's been a crazy year, as always — the story of my life — but it's been a great year," said Solo, 31. "Right now, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my personal life. I'm happily married. Yeah, there's lots of ups and downs, but that's what makes us strong is getting through them all."

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