Tough to Tell If Derrick Rose Still Exists

Tough to Tell If Derrick Rose Still Exists

There are many reasons to be excited about the eventual return of Derrick Rose, from his transcendent athletic ability to his calm leadership to our not having to watch the erratic, vertigo-causing play of Nate Robinson.


But if I had to pick one reason I’ll be happy when Rose steps back onto the court for the Bulls, it would be the end to the drip-drip-drip of “updates’’ about his situation.

For the better part of four months, we’ve had to listen to coach Tom Thibodeau say that Rose is “making progress,’’ the specifics of which have been few and far between. Thibodeau has said the public needs to be patient. He said this so many times that the patient died two months ago from a lack of stimulation.


How has the knee injury, surgery and rehab affected Rose’s explosiveness, the foundation of his game? What has he been going through psychologically, in terms of working through a devastating injury and dealing with life away from games? What obstacles does he face as he moves forward in his comeback? Has he gone on any three-day candy-eating jags? I don’t know to all of the above.


Somebody throw me a bone.

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