Pats' Problems? It's Pretty Simple

Pats' Problems? It's Pretty Simple

The Patriots don’t offer much from the podium. The sound bites are vanilla. There’s no finger-pointing, storytelling or guessing — especially without seeing the game tape. But does that mean there’s no wisdom in restrained comments?

Two seemingly simple postgame comments by the quarterback and coach still stand a week later as the most verifiable and accurate takeaways from the AFC title game.

Tom Brady: “We didn’t execute very well. The name of the game is execution and if you don’t execute well against a good team, like I said, you’re not going to come up on the winning end.”

Coach Bill Belichick: “I’d say we probably came up a little short in every area.”

Bland, but both true. This in contrast to a week of deconstruction built around “such-and-such happening on this play,” or “this player was lost,” and then yada, yada, yada: Patriots lose. As if hundreds of unrelated little things didn’t happen thereafter.

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