When Danica Met Ricky

When Danica Met Ricky

 It's a week before the Super Bowl and a month before NASCAR even starts, and you know what millions of people are talking about?


In case you're not up on the latest celebrity gossip, that's Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Danica Patrick. And if you're not up on it, what's wrong with you?

I know, you'd probably rather focus on the new Gen-6 cars and whether decreasing the grille opening from 50 square inches to 40.25 square inches will cause more overheating.

You think getting worked up over RickDan is a silly diversion.

You are right, and you are wrong.

It doesn't matter how big your grille openings are if nobody's watching. A lot more people are watching NASCAR simply to watch Danica. Her love life is rocket fuel for a story that was starting to sputter a bit.

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