Best Way to Fix the Pro Bowl Is to Cancel It

Best Way to Fix the Pro Bowl Is to Cancel It

There is only one sure way to make the Pro Bowl Game relevant. Don’t play it. Now how easy is that? So easy even I thought of it.


It’s become a joke. So stomp the farce out of this thing, Roger Goodell. Put it out of its misery. It’s like asking Secretariat: “Ease up, Big Red; the Belmont’s a mile-and-a-half.” It’s like yelling to Franz Klammer: “Franz, you’re going down that mountain too fast!”


Goodell, the NFL commissioner, took one look at last year’s Pro Bowl Game, saw no football being played whatsoever, and being a man of vision, said it wasn’t up to NFL standards (kind of the way he feels about exhibition games).


It never really has been very good, but lately, with players bowing out, the fake injuries, the fear of rich athletes somehow getting hurt in an event that doesn’t matter, and that the game stupidly has been moved from a week after the Super Bowl to a week in front of it (today), well, it’s become even more ludicrous.

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