Biggest Coaching Blunders in 2012 NFL Season

Biggest Coaching Blunders in 2012 NFL Season

Each Monday during the football season, I recap the previous week's NFL action. The final section in most of those columns is "Thank You for Not Coaching," which highlights some of the questionable decisions made by NFL coaches during games and analyzes why the process that went into those decisions was suboptimal. Occasionally, I'll break down a smart decision or hit some low-hanging fruit, but the goal is to gain a greater understanding of how coaches should or should not think in terms of improving their teams' chances of winning football games.


These, then, are the "Thank You for Not Coaching" awards. Now, if a coach shows up in here, it doesn't mean that he's necessarily a bad coach who should be kicked to the curb immediately. There's just too much to being a head coach that we don't see in front of our eyes on Sundays to rely solely on in-game decision-making when judging a coach's abilities. How does the coach handle his team's personalities and egos? How does he develop young players? Conduct his practices? Manage player workloads and health? Deal with the owner? Conduct himself with the media and fans? All that stuff matters, too.


With that being said, you can do a lot of harm with some terrible in-game decisions and make all of that other stuff seem irrelevant. It's not a coincidence that many of the coaches who were featured regularly in this space didn't hold on to their jobs for 2013.

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