Cowboys' Staff Looking Suspiciously Like Bucs'

Cowboys' Staff Looking Suspiciously Like Bucs'

Jon Gruden, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.


Does that sound nice to you?


It’s not reality but certainly an idea that is being speculated around Dallas Cowboys Nation.  The acquisitions of Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli have certainly fueled those rumors.  The idea of reuniting the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff seems to be one that many are fantasizing about.


Would this be the right move though?


Gruden is a proven head coach who has won a Super Bowl, and in this era of the National Football League that’s all that matters. 


But what’s behind that Super Bowl win?


Gruden is a fiery guy who lets his emotions show during games.  He is also a great offensive coach.  Despite all that, I’m left to wonder how good of a head coach he is.

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