NBA Has 2 Problems: Billy Hunter and Apathy

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Lost last week in the hysteria of Manti Te’o’s bogus girlfriend experience and Oprah’s sit-down with Lance Armstrong was the report outlining the depth of Bill Hunter’s affinity for nepotism and his mom-and-pop management style of the NBA players’ association.

At the behest of union president Derek Fisher, the NBPA paid $4 million for an eight-month, internal investigation that produced a 200-plus-page report that any casual observer of the players’ association could’ve summarized years ago in 10 words for one-hundredth the price tag.


(1) Too. (2) Much. (3) Power. (4) And. (5) Too. (6) Long. (7) A. (8) Tenure. (9) Corrupted. (10) Hunter.


Too much power and too long a tenure corrupted Hunter,...

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