Trouble Ahead for Lakers Ownership

Trouble Ahead for Lakers Ownership

The Lakers are going through a season that has their fans saying, repeatedly, “Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse …”

What could be even worse than what the Lakers are going through now?


Jeanie Buss, Dwight Howard and Jim Buss celebrated his arrival to the Lakers in August. The relationship link between the siblings has been tenuous since the hiring of Mike D'Antoni.


A lot, when you consider just how perilous the future of this glorious franchise is.

As much as Lakers fans wish he could, Jerry Buss isn't going to live forever.

He has been hospitalized recently, hasn't attended a Lakers game in 1½ seasons, and for the only time since he bought the team in 1979 didn't bring his proud smile to the Lakers' team photo last April.

Buss, whose 79th birthday is Sunday, has been the greatest owner in sports history, and the prospect of losing leadership that great is daunting for any organization in any field.

In Buss' case, the plan is to hand the Lakers down to his six children – already having daughter Jeanie in place to run the business side and son Jim the basketball side.

Well … Jeanie and Jim aren't speaking to each other.

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