Doc Not Ready to Quit, But Celtics Are Done

Doc Not Ready to Quit, But Celtics Are Done

Doc Rivers was putting on a brave face. Alas, the Celtics coach was making optimism blush as he discussed the remainder of a season that will now be executed without Rajon Rondo.


He was talking about people stepping up, but it’s an unavoidable fact the Celts were a sub-.500 team struggling to stay in the playoff bracket and regularly incurring Rivers’ wrath even before Rondo went down and out with a torn right ACL. What can one realistically expect when an All-Star point guard is removed?


“Well, you can write the obituary,” Rivers said. “I’m not. You can go ahead, but I’m not.

“We won (yesterday), and so the way I look at it is we’re going to stay in there. In my opinion, we’re going nowhere.”


Indeed, the Celtics had a nice 100-98, double-overtime victory over the defending champion Miami Heat. Good job; good effort. That they did this while Rondo was on a fast break to New England Baptist for the MRI that confirmed his injury takes the starch out of triumph.

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