Gore Got Work Ethic From Mom

Gore Got Work Ethic From Mom

The roots of Frank Gore's relentlessness and persistence start with Lizzie Gore, and the way she raised three kids with little money. As many as 12 people stayed in their one-bedroom apartment at times, including her nieces, nephews and brother.

Lizzie got sick during Frank's junior year in high school, nearly dying then of what became a debilitating kidney ailment. She endured thrice-weekly dialysis for several years and ultimately died in 2007, at age 46, early during Gore's third season in the NFL.

"She did whatever it took to put food on the table and clothes on our back," he said earlier Friday, speaking to a group of reporters at his locker. "It was hard. All the hard work she did for us - that's why God blessed me with a talent. That's why I try my best to do it hard every day."




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