Looks Like Murray Won't Find 2nd Too Appealing

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Andy Murray is the second best tennis player in the world. Bummer. Turns out second, which must have looked so appealing when he was fourth, and then third, is still a pretty frustrating place to be. 

More so, probably, because now Murray gets to stand next to more trophies but without being  permitted to touch; he gets to give speeches, as the warm-up act for the winner; and he gets to be very polite about everybody, and have everybody be polite about him. You put up a good fight, you played your part in a great match. Let’s have a big hand for Andy. At that moment, second must suck way more than, say, 14th.

Of course, being second is  nothing to be ashamed of, not when first is occupied by a champion as great as Novak Djokovic. He is the first...

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