Of Course NFL Will Allow Williams Back In

Of Course NFL Will Allow Williams Back In

The last time we heard Gregg Williams’ voice, it was screaming about killing heads. The next time, it will be asking for another chance.


Not to injure opponents, but to coach against them. If all goes as expected, the mastermind of Bountygate will be back in business.

Tennessee is expected to hire Williams as assistant head coach of its defense. He must first meet with Roger Goodell and promise to never again pay a player $500 when they bring him the still-beating heart of a dead wide receiver.


A lot of people thought Williams would never coach after his tactics were exposed. A lot more thought he should never coach again. They forgot this is the NFL.


We could start at the top with Leonard Little, who committed vehicular manslaughter. He learned his lesson so well he was picked up for DUI six years later.


But in the interest of finishing this column before preseason camps open, I won’t list the players who got second chances. Let’s just say the All-Reprobate Team now has a coach.

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