Give the Kids Some Money, Already!

Give the Kids Some Money, Already!

Two days after the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York, some Houston area sporting goods stores began selling maroon T-shirts superimposed with a depiction of the famous bronze statue.


It seemed like a good holiday gift for the Aggies in my family, but when I returned to my neighborhood store a few days later, the T-shirts were sold out. A clerk called and found that to be the case at other stores as well.



Neither could I find the T-shirt still available online.


So I started wondering where the money went from the purchase of those shirts.


Primarily, I was told by one marketing expert, it went to the Heisman Trust and Texas A&M. I assume the sporting goods stores, the manufacturer, the designer and even the seamstresses in, say, Indonesia, got cuts, however small.


Who didn't earn a cent from the sale of the T-shirts?


Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M quarterback who actually won the Heisman Trophy.




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