Goodell Not Getting Warm Welcome

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NEW ORLEANS -- If Atlanta is the city too busy to hate, New Orleans must be the sparks-still-flying-off-the-head city too obsessed to forget.

Seriously, if you were Roger Goodell this week, would you trust anything that comes out of the restaurant’s kitchen? Would something in the gumbo cause you to look sideways? Are you sure that’s crawfish?

“If he’s driving down the street, he better be in one of those Pope-mobiles,” said Laura Bridson, chief beerkeeper at Coop’s Place on Decatur St. “We’re kind of a grudge-holding town.”

New Orleans is a city built on the hospitality industry. That remains the case for almost everybody this week except for the commissioner of the NFL, whose picture can be found plastered on the doors and windows outside of...

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