Kobe, Dwight Now Making Nice

Kobe, Dwight Now Making Nice

Amazing what two victories can do for a team.


They were enough for Dwight Howard to give a glowing update of his relationship with Kobe Bryant.


"I'm happy that me and Kobe are getting on the same page. In order for us to win, me and him have to always be together on the same page," he said after Lakers practice Monday. "We have to really lead this team. That's the key right there."


To think that five days earlier there were harsh words from Bryant to Howard at the Lakers' clear-the-air meeting in Memphis.


"It's always been a process. It wasn't easy," Howard said. "Two big dogs and we bump heads, but instead of us bumping heads we can both do things to lead this team. Offensively, he's going to lead our team and defensively is my job."


Howard even seemed to accept his second-star status two days after saying it was important to keep feeding the post players to prevent them from becoming "grumpy."

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