Questions Can Be Super Amusing

Questions Can Be Super Amusing

Super Bowl VII was history. Miami had defeated Washington, 14-7.


For Don Shula’s Dolphins, it was the end of a perfect season.


For the Redskins, it was the last hurrah for George Allen’s Over The Hill Gang.


As always, there were questions.


In the final minutes, with the Dolphins coasting to what appeared to be a 14-0 victory, Miami kicker Garo Yepremian put the Redskins back in the game when he decided to be a quarterback, turning a bobbled snap on a field-goal attempt into an in-the-air interception a Redskin returned for a touchdown to make it a one-touchdown ball game.

What was Yepremian thinking?

Did he panic?


You wanted to know what made Miami quarterback Bob Griese successful in attacking the sophisticated Redskins defense?


You wanted to know what Coach Don Shula had to say about the pressures of going 17-0?

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