Super Bowl Can Set Pace for College Title Games

Super Bowl Can Set Pace for College Title Games

Super Sunday is still six days away and already the “Har-Bowl” has consumed the national conversation for a week.

It’s the biggest sporting event in America, one that has transcended sports to average 100 million viewers every year. Even though college football is arguably the country’s second most popular sport, the BCS title game averages a pedestrian 25 million viewers. That’s approximately what “Sunday Night Football” averaged for NFL regular season games this past fall.

The NCAA men’s basketball title game only draws about 20 million viewers per year despite all the excitement around March Madness. Even worse, the number of viewers has dropped precipitously over the decades from a high of 35 million viewers for the 1979 “Magic vs. Bird” title game.

Well, it’s time college football and basketball enact some changes to their title games by emulating the Super Bowl to increase ratings.

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