Ravens' Birk Ponders 15 Years of Pounding

Ravens' Birk Ponders 15 Years of Pounding

As much as Mstt Birk loves football, he is also aware of the narrative shift in regard to concussions, of the toll and damage that repeated hits take on veterans who have endured a similar number of collisions.

Birk said his friends tell him how lucky he is. They say he should never retire, that the damage to his body is “already done,” that the real world is overrated.

“You realize how lucky you are,” Birk said. “You realize it won’t last forever.”

To that end, Birk, 36, spent much of media day on Tuesday talking about head injuries and brain donations and President Obama’s recent comments about the dangerous nature of football. Birk talked about how he has worked with companies to help develop a device that measures the impact of collisions. H

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