'Ridiculous' Talent Bodes Well for 49ers

'Ridiculous' Talent Bodes Well for 49ers

The Cain and Abel coaching subplot in this year's Super Bowl is undeniably the most irresistible in NFL history, but it's still the playing talent that decides championships in football, and that's where the San Francisco 49ers have almost an embarrassment of riches.

Start counting up the first-round draft choices on the roster and you're going to need three hands. San Francisco boasts an astounding 15 players who were deemed blue-chip and selected in the league's opening round. And there's even a fascinating subset within those numbers. Nine of those first-round 49ers are homegrown, but six were imports from other organizations.

That list features receiver Randy Moss (1998, Minnesota), defensive end Justin Smith (2001, Cincinnati), guard Leonard Davis (2001, Buffalo) cornerback Carlos Rogers (2005, Washington), safety Donte Whitner (2006, Buffalo) and receiver-return man Ted Ginn Jr. (2007, Miami). Clearly San Francisco can see value in another team's refuse.

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