At the Super Bowl, 'Free' Is a Popular Word

At the Super Bowl, 'Free' Is a Popular Word

Taking his time to sign autographs at the Ravens hotel at the Super Bowl, a man walks up out of the blue and makes a request for Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan.


‘”Hey, can I have your game-day helmet?’” the man told McClellan, who was perplexed.


“I guess he thought I carried it to the hotel with me,” McClellan said. “And I don’t it even think he was a Ravens fan. It was just somebody out there asking. I guess they assumed I had it in my room or something.”


That's the Super Bowl, where anything goes and there's no such thing as a stupid question -- from media or fans desperate for a piece of the action.


Of course, the most common request as players walk around town, "You got any extra tickets?"


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