Punish Vijay? What's the Point?

Punish Vijay? What's the Point?

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Where I come from, deer antlers are huge. Not deer antler spray, deer antlers. Everybody in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota wants to hang a set of 10-point antlers on their game-room wall.


In fact, one of my relatives from Minnesota noted in the family Christmas card that a member of his family scored an eight-point buck during deer-hunting season. In the Great White North where I once hibernated, this is significantly good news.


Back to Vijay Singh. Sports Illustrated broke a story in which he admitted to using deer antler spray, which is some kind of banned substance. He also used hologram chips. I was not familiar with these items 24 hours ago, but like most of us, I've been given a quickie crash course by the media so pardon me for my obvious unsophistication.


They sound a lot like pain relievers. The deer antler spray apparently can help build muscle if used in enough quantity over time, but if that was really your goal, there are easier ways.




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